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St. Albans

New members from this area are very welcome. There are a number of existing members who live in and around St. Albans and events are held in and around the St. Albans area throughout the month.

St. Albans club night is held on the second Wednesday of every month in The Chequers Inn, Redbourn.

For those who are unfamiliar with St. Albans or the location of The Chequers Inn, it can be found here:

The Chequers Inn
St. Albans Road
St. Albans

Click here for a location map and directions

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However, just because you live in St. Albans doesn't mean that you can only go to St. Albans events. Many members frequently travel to events throughout Herts and Beds and all members are welcome to attend any event in the bulletin, not just those held in their local area.